Apr 26th β€” 2017

New portfolio 2017 Updated April

It’s been roughly 3 years since I launched my previous portfolio. While my old site received a great deal of positive feedback and won various features and awards, I still wanted a new portfolio to reflect the current me.

Tech bits

I knew from the inception of the project that this website had to be written from scratch so that I could have 100% control over it.

For this portfolio I used Middleman which is a static site generator written in Ruby which spits out static pages that are ready to be deployed. Because the pages are static the website becomes very lightweight and reliable.

Middleman out-of-the-box allows for SCSS and HAML and other sexy technologies to be used. But I decided to keep it lean to reduce as many dependencies as possible.

I deploy my portfolio via Netlify, which allows me to reap their CDN locations which gives blazing fast load times.

Ignoring CSS frameworks kept the stylesheets lean, not to mention I would find it hard to apply them to this quite straightforward layout.

Design bits

I wanted to the design to be very sharp and ungimmicky. Displaying only the elements you really need to see. I targeted design-interested people with desktops

Analytics shows that 92% of my audience is browsing the website from a Desktop device

β€” Therefore I put extra care catering the desktop experience of the site, making sure it looked as good as possible on the big screen.

The staple of the website is what I call the Tile:

Other than being a sweet tile it can hold an image on mouseover as well as displaying additional text.

The tile spatially aware so it will never expand towards the edge of the screen. Try downsizing the window on the homepage to see the effect.

The tiles change to a stacked design on mobile viewports.

Typography bits

The font I'm using is called GT-Cinetype. It's absolutely gorge. Do zoom in to see the jagged edges of the font.


I increased the body font size considerably since my last portfolio. This was to force myself to write shorter sentences. I personally believe it's better to write concise & powerful sentences rather than over-explaining things.

End bits

Hopeful this new portfolio will serve me for longer than 6 weeks before I grow bored of it again. As of writing this article I am happy how it turned out β€” if you are curious about it's creation you can have a look at the source code here: Link to Github