I helped win Husqvarna as a client

Tags —
  • Pitch
  • Visual Design
Roles —
  • Lead Designer

With limited time we delivered visual designs for Husqvarna to represent what their future web presence could look like. This was a direct collaboration between marketeers, creative directors, copywriters and the designer, me. I introduced a sensible typographic hierarchy, reduced colours, the usage of iconography, better font sizes for legibility, increased whitespace for easier readability, and breathing space for the content.


Our thinking behind the homepage was to put extra focus on the inspirational stories and knowledge content for the users, because they are less likely to have a set goal at this point in the journey. But catering for the minority of users with a clear goal we included entries to the different product lines.

Home page

The product details page focuses on bringing out contextual stories with the product involved. The user can watch a promotional video of a forestry worker using the Husqvarna chainsaw, read reviews, see related products and also at the end of the page there is a call to action to find a dealer.


The product listing page features filters and slider to allow the user to find the right tool for the job.

UI Sliders

We did what we could in the limited timeframe – however the fact the we won the client meant that our ideas and designs still resonated positively with Husqvarna. The pitch was a start of a bigger conversation between the client and DigitasLBi. And from there the design took off into production, with major changes to the layout but the DNA still intact. Unfortunately I wasnt part of the production phase, I only produced the vision, but I'm happy to see the essence is still there on the live site.